The Aerospace Corporation is establishing a Space Safety Institute to deliver independent technical support and assessments to enhance the safety of space and space-related activities for government, commercial, and international customers.

The Space Safety Institute will also provide a collaborative framework for supporting industry standards for safe space operations in all aspects – including launch, operating in space, reentry, and cyber – in addition to fundamental safety research and disseminating results through training, workshops, and publications.

As a trusted partner solving the hardest problems for the space enterprise, Aerospace is a nonprofit organization that supports our customers with independent, objective, technical expertise and insight free from conflicts of interest.

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About the Space Safety Institute

The Aerospace Corporation is establishing a Space Safety Institute to support government, industry, and international customers on all aspects of space safety, including launch, operations, reentry, and cyber.
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Learn more about mission areas of the Space Safety Institute, including:

• Launch and Reentry Safety
• Space Operations Assurance
• Space Situational Awareness
• Cybersecurity Implementation
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